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A fast, easy to use, content authoring tool for Story-telling, Education & Brands.

Our online content authoring tool is designed for creators who want to bring their stories to life. With our fast and easy-to-use tool, you can create engaging content that educates, entertains and informs your audience.
Whether you're looking to improve your customer experience, enhance your e-learning programs or communicate your brand's message, you can craft captivating content in minutes and share it with the world. Join the community of creators who trust us to elevate their content game.
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Create your brand experience

Easily align with your brand identity using themes and templates. Create a consistently on-brand experience every time, effortlessly. Stand out from the crowd by giving your content a personal touch.
Select a different theme and see it applied across the page.

Speed and consistency

Simplify the design process, cut down on manual tasks, and expand your creative freedom. Utilize features like snippets to break down bodies of text effortlessly, instantly modify interactions without rebuilding pages, and translate content with just a click - all at your fingertips.
Move through the screens to see how snippets can easily create AI generated questions

Delegate tasks to your team and track progress.

Working with a team of experts, collaborators, and reviewers to guarantee your content is engaging, accurate, and effective?

No worries, we've got you covered.

Allocate roles, establish deadlines, communicate with team members, offer feedback, and promptly resolve issues - all geared towards optimizing your content workflow efficiently.

Hosting platform

Experience all the essential Learning Management System features at a fraction of the market cost:
• tracking • certifications • badges • analytics • categories • teams • 3rd-party content • branding • payment gateways • self-registration • skills •

What makes us unique?

Swift self-setup, access codes, minimum 30-day contracts, and a cost structure based on the platform, not users.

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